Model EEL1100.50

Model EEL1100.50 High Voltage Amplifier is a compact, high speed, 55 Watt High Voltage amplifier capable of generating a 0 to +/-1100Vpp output @ +/-50mA with a Large Signal Bandwidth greater than 130kHz at -3db no load.

LCD Display

Control Pad

PC Compatibility

+/- 1.1kv

Amplitude Control
0Vp/p to 2.2kVp/p

Wave Type
Sine, Square, Triangle

+/- 50mA

DC Offset
0VDC to +/- 1100VDC

85 x 250 x 260 mm (3.34 x 9.84 x 10.23 in)

Power Rating

Frequency Control
0.1Hz to 150kHz

Items Included
Line cord, Manual, HV Output Cable, USB Cable